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  1. Awards.

    I thought I’d write a quick thing about awards. I’m quite reward-ambivalent*, if I’m honest. I do not write for awards and I’ve got a publishing deal with Orbit so in my mind I’ve already won. I’m also, quite embarrassed about the idea of saying ‘hey, vote for me!’ Or possibly it’s more that I think if I have to remind people to vote it’s meaningless, because people should vote for a thing they remember, not a thing you have to remind them about.

  2. The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the looming trees have gone to be replaced by a picture.  It’s a detail from a piece called ‘Approaching Maniyadoc’ by the incredibly talented Tom Parker and I think a print of it (not sure what size) will be given away with the hardback special editions of Age of Assassins coming through Anderida books ( So if fantasy art and high quality signed special editions are your thing then get clicking that link.