Actually, people don’t really ask questions, never mind frequently but having this here makes me feel very professional. Onwards.

Q - Where can I find you?

A - Twitter, is always good, @dedbutdrmng. I have a facebook page ThatRJBarker which you can like and a personal page which was only ever meant to be for family but has gone a bit wrong. At some point I will have a cull and a direct everyone to my author page. Who knows when though. You can always email me [email protected] and I’ll try and reply as quickly as possible. And there’s my website, which you are on, so you probably know about that. You can also sign up for my newsletter which will tell you where and when I am appearing at places. If I remember to send one out. Newsletter is here.

Q - Wait, aren’t you on Goodreads?

A - Well, yes and no. I do have page thing on Goodreads but I never go to it because Goodreads is a swamp for authors. There might be thirty or forty good reviews but it’s the one that gives you one star because though they enjoyed the book there is a spelling mistake on page 152[1] that will inevitably obsess you and I don’t really need that. Also, they refuse to let me be RJ Barker and insist I have to be R.J. Barker which is not my name, so I am having a bit of a sulk about it.

Q - So if I meet you, what do I call you?

A - This does cause a bit of confusion as people presume RJ is a pen name, but it isn’t *shakes fist at Goodreads*. You can call me RJ, everyone does, except my mum and I’m not sure why she would even need to read this unless she’s forgotten my name. In which case, it’s time to go in a home, Mother.

Q - What is it about antlers?

A -  What isn’t it about antlers?

Q - Can I buy a signed book from you?

A - Good news and bad news here. No, you can’t buy a signed book from me cos I don’t keep a stock of books at home apart from my reference copies and a few to give away in competitions[2]. But, if you contact me I’ll send you a signed bookplate for free.

Q - I want to send you my review, can I?

A - Of course, the easiest way is to @ me on Twitter (you don’t need to bother if you hated it though.). If you get time sticking your review on Amazon is always appreciated by authors.

Q - Who is your favourite author?

A - Iain M Banks

Q - How many Wounded Kingdom books are there and when do(have[3]) they come out?

A - Three. Age of Assassins (August 2017) Blood of Assassins (February 2018) and King of Assassins (August 2018)

Q - Will there be any more?

A - No plans at the moment but the possibility of revisiting Maniyadoc is built into the way the books are written, with big gaps in time between each oneS.o maybe one day if there is call for it I might do. They would probably be very different though.


Q - I have a question that you have not answered here.

A- Well, you can either email me on the address above or use the contact form to send it to me and I will add it to the list. Probably best if you put it in your email two or three times and then it will be a legitimate frequently asked question.


  1. Random made up example. As far as I am aware there is no spelling mistake on page 152. OR IS THERE? Dunno, not checked.
  2. And, for traditionally published authors like myself it’s better for me if you buy the book from a shop.
  3. Being honest here about how likely I am to update this.