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I'll be at both the above venues this month. Fantasy con from the 18th of October and Comicon in Author corner on the 26th or 27th, maybe both. Not 100% sure yet.

Here's my Fantasycon Schedule. 


Fantasy Bucket List Friday 4:00 PM
101 things to do in Fantasyland (before being eaten by a dragon). Hosted for your benefit by the Fantasycon Tourist Board. (Not 100% sure I will make it to this one as it'll be tight getting there.)
RJ Barker Jeannette Ng Charlotte Bond Juliet McKenna

Medical, social, fantastical: models of disability in fantasy narratives.   Friday 6:00 PM
The panel explores the different ways that societies disable people in fiction, the impact of world-changing fantasy events on the physical and mental health of characters, and how mental health disabilities can be successfully and respectfully included within a narrative.
Ruth de Haas Jeffrey Collyer RJ Barker Mike Brooks

Public speaking for authors Saturday 10 AM – 11:30:00 AM (workshop)
Oh sure you can sling words on a page, but public speaking? Whole different ball game. Where the ball is on fire and looking at you. Fear not! We know you’ve got the walk down, let us show you how to talk the talk.
Lucy Hounsom RJ Barker
Person or Pet? Saturday 3:00 PM
Sentient non-humans, non-sentient pets, soulbonds and free will in fantasy stories. The panel explore the muddy waters of how we treat non-human characters, and the problematic issues of consent tied into these tropes.
RJ Barker Katherine Inskip Jacey Bedford David Tallerman
Animal Kingdoms Saturday 5:00 PM
From Watership Down to Cats: pros and cons of anthropomorphic stories. Can they free us from biased storytelling, or do we carry our innate prejudices over?
Lucy Hounsom Amy Brennan Jacey Bedford RJ Barker

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